Pentecost is perhaps most often associated with imagery of fire and flames. These still images in PNG and JPEG formats offer a modern take on Pentecost, designed to appeal to younger congregants in particular. It takes some liberties in re-imagining the text of the Holy Spirit enveloping a crowd (Acts 2: 1-21) by overlaying it on a crowd that appears to be straight out of a techno/rave concert. A fireball zooms down upon the crowd – all in all, a slightly hip take on Pentecost, but one that helps make the celebration relevant for today’s audience.

They have been designed to be used as part of a pre-service message, to help underscore the point of a sermon, or to be used as a general worship resource.


  • Graphic Images in both JPEG and PNG formats
  • Can be placed into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents, or used on your website as a promotional image
  • Files are ZIPed for easy download. Use a program like WinZIP to unzip on your computer.

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Still Image in PNG and JPEG formats