Acts 2: 1-21 paints a wonderful scene of the power of the Holy Spirit to break down the barriers across diverse groups of people, and provides rich imagery to use for your celebration of Pentecost. These JPEG and PNG still images takes their inspiration from this portion of Scripture, but gives the scene a decidedly modern, almost “techno” twist with its depiction of the fire of the Holy Spirit that will fit right into a more contemporary worship service, or one targeting younger congregants.

They have been designed to be used as part of a pre-service message, to help underscore the point of a sermon, or to be used as a general worship resource.


  • Graphic Images in both JPEG and PNG formats
  • Can be placed into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents, or used on your website as a promotional image
  • Files are ZIPed for easy download. Use a program like WinZIP to unzip on your computer.

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Still Image in PNG and JPEG formats