OK, I will admit it – I am addicted to fonts.

Some people buy too many shoes.

I buy too many fonts.

I recognize, however, that not everyone has the same font fetish that I apparently do, and for some the very thought of buying what are essentially a series of stylized letters, numbers and punctuation seems very strange. And yet, you likely have people sitting in your worship service each that are just like me – looking closely at your choice of fonts with discerning eyes.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, however. In my never-ending quest for new fonts, I have stumbled upon many nice ones that are FREE, and I have posted them below (along with the proper links so you can download them for your own use).

I actually use many of these fonts in some of the worship materials I create for this site. If you are a frequent visitor to Progressive Church Media, you will recognize a few of them. And if you know of another good resource for free fonts, leave a comment below so we can all benefit from your discovery.

I hope these free fonts help you add a new level of spark and polish to your own worship materials. Trust me, you’ll please at least one font-o-phile sitting in your service this next Sunday!




Mike Mitchell

[email protected]

Free Fonts