Part of the mission of Progressive Church Media is to provide quality worship materials to communities of faith around the world. For several decades now, people of faith have been challenged by the spread of HIV/AIDS. Thankfully, in many parts of the world, a diagnosis of HIV-positive no longer equals a death sentence. Sadly, there are people in this world who still struggle to gain access to the live-saving medications that can treat this disease.

To help churches around the world remember this on-going battle, we are proud to make the following World AIDS Day materials available.

Download them. Use them. But most of all, never forget those who deal with this global issue on a daily basis.

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Select from your choice of High-Definition 1080p video ($8), High-Definition 720p video ($7), or Standard Definition video ($6).

We can also customize your video by adding your church logo for an additional fee.

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Our PowerPoint templates ($7) can easily be edited and adapted to fit your needs.


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Our graphic packages ($5) contain multiple images in either JPEG or PNG file formats.

Use them in your church’s printed materials, as media during worship, or on your website to promote your ministry.


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