Beatitudes Of Broadway


The Wisdom of Scripture. The Magic of Broadway.

What's Not to Like?

Join Virginia-Highland Church as they explore The Beatitudes of Broadway. Rev. Michael Piazza takes us on a musical journey with a spiritual message.

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Week 1: Les Misérables

Rev. Michael Piazza - Sermon - Part 1

Rev. Michael Piazza - Sermon - Part 2


Kevin Harry sings "Stars," plus initial thoughts from Rev. Michael Piazza:

Bryant Smith sings "Bring Him Home:"


Week 2: The Phantom of The Opera

Rev. Michael Piazza - The Phantom of The Opera Sermon:

Emily Rose performs Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Music of the Night" on the harp:


Week 3: The Secret Garden

Kara Noel Harrington sings "How Could I Ever Know?" accompanied by Brandon Johnson on piano:


Lauren Bates reads from "The Secret Garden;" Steven Rice sings "Come To My Garden":

Rev. Michael Piazza's sermon from "The Secret Garden":

Week 4: Gypsy

The Virginia-Highland Church Choir starts off the service with our Introit: "Gracious Spirit, Heed Our Pleading":

Marcie Millard performs "Everything's Coming Up Roses":

The Virginia-Highland Church Choir sings "The Road Home"; Rev. Michael Piazza uses "Gypsy" to illustrate the need for revival:

Week 5: Kinky Boots

In a career first, Rev. Michael Piazza uses the word "kinky" in the title of sermon:


Week 6: Rent

Kevin Harry and the Virginia-Highland Church Choir perform "I'll Cover You."

The Virginia-Highland Church Choir sings "Seasons of Love," part of a tribute to the ministry of Jeff Ayers:

Rev. Michael Piazza delivers a sermon inspired by the Broadway musical "Rent":

Week 7: Wicked

Emily Rose plays "Over The Rainbow" on her harp:

Brittney Boykin and Miffy Mistretta sing "For Good:"

Wicked - Sermon:


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