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Image shows the hands of a black person praying in church.

Black Protestants: Inspiring Sermons More Important Than Denomination

Historically black churches have held an especially important place in the history of African-Americans. For decades, these churches offered Black Americans a safe place to worship freely. Historically black churches have held a very central role in African-American communities – leading efforts to advance educational opportunities and the civil rights movement.

Research by the Pew Research Center sheds light on the evolving attitudes of Black Americans and their relationship with churches. Perhaps surprisingly, especially given the history and role of churches in the black community, the majority of African-Americans don’t place much priority on church or denominational affiliation. More Black Americans report that a welcoming environment and inspiring sermons as more important when they are looking for a church home.

The findings offer insights your own church can use if expanding the diversity of your congregation is a goal. You can read the full report here.

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