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Suggestions For Things To Give Up For Lent

At the start of the Lenten season, people think about what to give up for Lent. Often, people turn to traditional ideas like alcohol or wine or chocolate or some other dietary discipline. We have suggestions for creative ways to approach the sacrifice that Lent calls us to.

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Forks & Spoons

Why not turn your sacrifice into a learning opportunity? Vow to give up spoons and forks for Lent, and instead learn to eat with chopsticks. You will learn a new life skill, and you also give your friends a very tangible example of a positive sacrifice for Lent.


For Lent, try giving up vanity. One example – resolve to wear the first outfit you consider in the morning. You might realize you can build a sense of self-esteem from something other than the clothes you wear.

Elevators & Escalators

Here’s a healthy tip. Why not give up the use of elevators or escalators (at least when you are only have a few floors)? The extra steps are a definite health benefit, if nothing else.

Pillow Or Bed

If you want something that requires a little more sacrifice, how about giving up your pillow or bed? Resolve to sleep on the floor or without a pillow. You will quickly be reminded how blessed you are to have even these simple comforts.

Your Smartphone

Vow to give up using your mobile phone for anything other than essential tasks. Social media does not qualify. Resist the urge to check e-mail or social media and be more present with the people around you. Or, use some of this extra time in prayer.

The Snooze Button

We have friends who have done this, and they report it is tougher than it sounds. Resolve to not use the snooze button during Lent. Get up when the alarm goes off. Ouch! The lessons of discipline you learn can be invaluable.

40 Days, 40 People

Ok, we love this one. Make a list of 40 people who have made a positive impact on your life. For every day of Lent, write a letter (or e-mail) to each of these people letting them know the positive impact they have had on your life. Wow. Can you imagine what this experience would be like for both you and them?

Add More Prayer

Some people like to focus less on sacrifice and more on adding something positive to their life. Commit to adding daily prayer into your life. Set aside a specific time every day for focused, sustained prayer.

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