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How To Add YouTube Live Stream On Your Church Website

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzZfChmLtr8]
In this tutorial, Progressive Church Media’s Mike Mitchell shows you how to add a YouTube live stream video on your church website. This will allow visitors to your church website to view your live worship stream without going to YouTube.

4/11/2020 Update: Since posting this video, a few churches have reported issues with being able to enable video streaming. The option to enable the features Mike describes in the video are not available for some users, depending on when your church account was created. The following link will show you how to correct this. Your church must enable Monetization in order for these features to become available. This is true even if your church has no intention of ever monetizing the videos you post on YouTube. Side-eye to Google and YouTube for making the process work this way. Rest assured, this does not mean that ads are going to show on your videos. Your sermons will not be sponsored by a toilet bowl cleaner. You still control that. The link explains how to control if/whether your videos ever have ads.

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