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How To Save PowerPoint Slides As PNG Files

There’s nothing better than being able to re-use your work over and over. Saving your PowerPoint slides as PNG files is one way to be more efficient in your ministry work.

In this video tip, Progressive Church Media’s Mike Mitchell shows you how to take an image/graphic you have created in PowerPoint and save it as a PNG file. Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files are an alternative to the JPEG graphic file format with which you are probably familiar.

One of the benefits of PNG files is that they can retain a transparent background. This allows you to use the same image for other purposes – like adding it as clip art in a Microsoft Word document (church bulletin) or as a graphic for your church website or e-mail newsletter. PNG files are especially well-suited for use on web pages or e-mail messages.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYKa_yeG0f0]

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