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Progressive Church Media provides awesome worship media for Lent clipart so you can provide awesome worship experiences over the 40 day journey to Easter.

Lent, a significant season in the church calendar, provides a time of reflection and spiritual growth. Churches can harness the power of visual imagery to enhance the Lenten experience for their congregations. By incorporating Lent graphics and clip art into their services and outreach, churches can create a captivating atmosphere that deepens the understanding and engagement of their members.

Digital And Physical Uses Of Lent Graphics

One way churches can utilize Lent graphics and clip art is through their digital platforms. With the advent of social media and online streaming, churches have an incredible opportunity to reach a wider audience. By designing visually appealing graphics that reflect the solemnity and introspection of Lent, churches can captivate their online followers and draw them into the significance of the season. Whether it’s a thought-provoking image depicting a solitary cross against a sunset or a clip art illustration symbolizing repentance and renewal, these visuals can spark conversations, invite contemplation, and foster a sense of community.

Additionally, Lent graphics and clip art can also be incorporated into the physical spaces of the church. From bulletin covers to banners, these visual elements serve as reminders of the journey towards Easter. By selecting imagery that evokes a sense of sacrifice, self-examination, and hope, churches can create an environment that encourages introspection and spiritual growth. Whether it’s a graphic of thorny branches intertwined with a crown or a clip art representation of a candle slowly burning, each visual element can serve as a poignant reminder of the season’s significance.

Furthermore, churches can leverage Lent graphics and clip art for educational purposes. Creating visually engaging materials such as study guides, devotionals, or children’s activity sheets allows the congregation to dive deeper into the themes and practices of Lent. By incorporating relevant clip art and graphics, these resources become more accessible and relatable to people of all ages. Visual representations of concepts like fasting, prayer, and acts of kindness can help individuals connect with the teachings and traditions of Lent in a tangible way.

Create An Engaging Lenten Experience

Incorporating Lent graphics and clip art into the church calendar allows for a more immersive and engaging Lenten experience. Through digital platforms, physical spaces, and educational resources, churches can leverage these visual elements to spark contemplation, foster a sense of community, and deepen understanding. By embracing the power of imagery, churches can create an atmosphere that invites individuals to journey with intention and reflection during this sacred season.

Progressive Church Media has worship media that will take you from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. We are proud to offer progressive worship media that are inclusive, welcoming and affirming. Not matter where you are on life’s journey, we have worship media to align with your needs.

Lent Clipart - A circle of grey ashes with a white cross inside - perfect for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the traditional start of the Lenten season. We have a variety of images available for your Ash Wednesday services. View them here.


The words "Practices of Lent" against a gradient background














This graphic focuses on four common practices observed during Lent – fasting, giving, prayer and reflection. See them here.

Lent Clipart - A cross draped in purple

A wooden cross draped in purple. You can download this image by right-clicking on it. There are more variations of this image of the cross here.

Lent clipart - a palm frond for Palm Sunday

A closeup of a palm frond – perfect for Palm Sunday. There are more graphics for Palm Sunday here.

Lent Clipart - a stylized palm frond in many shades of green

A modern, stylized palm frond with many shades of green. Even more variations here.

Lent Clipart - Three crosses in the dark set against a gloomy purple sky

An image for Good Friday. Three crosses stand in the dark set against a gloomy purple sky. See more options for Good Friday here.

Christ’s death on the cross is both history’s biggest sacrifice and greatest injustice. Preparing our hearts to fathom our Savior’s sacrifice is what Lent is all about. Lent is a journey, an experience, and at some level a time of self-reflection and sacrifice. We hope these resources help you make the most of your Lenten journey.


Worship ideas for Lent

Themes for Lent

Cool Lent Ideas For Sunday School

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