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Image features a video projector.

Worship media PowerPoint templates that you can use for worship services, on your website, or any other creative use you can think of. We hope our church PowerPoint templates will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

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  • Good Friday 1 PowerPoint. Serious and somber depiction of Christ’s last moments on the cross.

    Good Friday 1 PowerPoint

  • Easter Sky PowerPoint . A cross draped in white cloth against a morning sky.

    Easter Morning Sky PowerPoint

  • Easter Resurrection PowerPoint. Three crosses in the desert sunrise.

    Easter Resurrection PowerPoint

  • Easter Eggs PowerPoint. Colorful Easter Eggs waiting to be found.

    Easter Eggs PowerPoint

  • Easter Sunday Welcome PowerPoint. A white cloth draped over the cross set against a majestic purple sky.

    Easter Sunday Welcome PowerPoint

  • Easter Worship PowerPoint. PowerPoint slide with a background of bright colors.

    Easter Worship PowerPoint

  • Christian Patriarchy PowerPoint - slide with text placeholders; a female Christ on the cross

    Christian Patriarchy (Christa) PowerPoint

  • Ash Wednesday PowerPoint. The words "Ash Wednesday" set against a metallic/grunge background.

    Ash Wednesday PowerPoint

  • What Is Your Dream? PowerPoint

  • A Mile In Their Shoes PowerPoint

  • MLK Dream PowerPoint. Slide features colorful, stylized photo of Dr. King.

    MLK Dream PowerPoint

  • Legacy of Dr. King PowerPoint. Slide features two hands joining together with a red heart behind them.

    Legacy of Dr. King PowerPoint

  • What Are You Doing For Others? PowerPoint. Image features Dr. King and his famous question - "what are you doing for others?"

    What Are You Doing For Others? PowerPoint

  • March on Washington PowerPoint. Image features the crowd at the historic March on Washington with Dr. King.

    March on Washington PowerPoint

  • MLK 1 (Amos 5: 24 ) PowerPoint

  • Black Power PowerPoint

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