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Worship media PowerPoint templates that you can use for worship services, on your website, or any other creative use you can think of. We hope our church PowerPoint templates will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

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  • Fall Pumpkin Patch PowerPoint. Colorful pumpkins for your fall festivities.

    Fall Pumpkin Patch PowerPoint

  • Christmas Fir Tree PowerPoint. Branches from a Christmas Tree greet everyone with holiday joy.

    Christmas Fir Tree PowerPoint

  • Friendly Thanksgiving Turkey PowerPoint. Cartoon turkey stands beside a cornucopia and pumpkins, wishing Happy Thanksgiving.

    Friendly Thanksgiving Turkey PowerPoint

  • Fall Celebration PowerPoint. A circular design of leaves - a celebration of Fall

    Fall Celebration PowerPoint

  • Holiday Glitter PowerPoint. Bursts of glitter against a wintery blue background.

    Holiday Glitter PowerPoint

  • Holy Communion PowerPoint. A cup of wine and a loaf of bread sit ready on a table.

    Holy Communion PowerPoint

  • Flourish PowerPoint. Curves and flourishes against a purple background.

    Flourish PowerPoint

  • Faith PowerPoint. An illuminated cross, a symbol of faith for many.

    Faith PowerPoint

  • Autumn Splendor PowerPoint. Fall leaves form the outline of a heart.

    Autumn Splendor PowerPoint

  • School Supplies PowerPoint. A burst of school supplies celebrates the new academic year.

    School Supplies PowerPoint

  • Back To School PowerPoint. Colorful pencils lined up and ready for another school year.

    Back To School PowerPoint

  • Summer Sun PowerPoint. A bright orange sun shines across a summer landscape.

    Summer Sun PowerPoint

  • Wavy Gradient PowerPoint. Wavy gradients of reds, purples and blues welcome everyone.

    Wavy Gradient PowerPoint

  • Hello Summer PowerPoint. Lush green plants and sunny colors welcome everyone.

    Hello Summer PowerPoint

  • Pride Linear Background PowerPoint. A dynamic rainbow wall of color welcomes everyone.

    Pride Linear Background PowerPoint

  • Juneteenth Celebration PowerPoint. The word "Juneteenth" in a gradient of red, yellow and green against a dark background.

    Juneteenth Celebration PowerPoint

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