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Worship media PowerPoint templates that you can use for worship services, on your website, or any other creative use you can think of. We hope our church PowerPoint templates will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

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  • Little Drummer Boy PowerPoint. Cartoon image of a little boy playing a drum in the desert at night.

    Little Drummer Boy PowerPoint

  • Glitchy Peace PowerPoint. Colorful peace symbol against a starry background.

    Glitchy Peace PowerPoint

  • Advent 2021 PowerPoint. A set of 5 lit candles for Advent.

    Advent 2021 PowerPoint

  • Fall Watercolor PowerPoint. A burst of fall colors to welcome everyone.

    Fall Watercolor PowerPoint

  • Glowing Circles PowerPoint. Colorful glowing circles in a rainbow of colors.

    Glowing Circles PowerPoint

  • Gilded Christmas Star PowerPoint. A gilded glowing star set against a dark night sky.

    Gilded Christmas Star PowerPoint

  • Fancy Pumpkin PowerPoint. A fancy gilded pumpkin carved from gold.

    Fancy Pumpkin PowerPoint

  • Abstract Splines PowerPoint. Abstract waves welcome all.

    Abstract Splines PowerPoint

  • Flowing Welcome PowerPoint. Organic, flowing waves of liquid with a message of welcome.

    Flowing Welcome PowerPoint

  • Neon Welcome PowerPoint. Welcoming messages with a neon glow.

    Neon Welcome PowerPoint

  • Joyful Welcome PowerPoint. Curved lines filled with purple and orange gradients against a dark background.

    Joyful Welcome PowerPoint

  • Liquid Welcome PowerPoint. Words of welcome float on waves of liquid.

    Liquid Welcome PowerPoint

  • Forbidden Fruit PowerPoint. Tempting apples ready to be picked.

    Forbidden Fruit PowerPoint

  • Weather Vane PowerPoint. Copper rooster weather vane against a colorful geometric background.

    Weather Vane PowerPoint

  • Cheerful Greeting PowerPoint. Colorful, fun resources to welcome everyone.

    Cheerful Greeting PowerPoint

  • Independence Day PowerPoint. Stars and stripes to celebrate July 4 in style.

    Independence Day PowerPoint

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