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Image features a row of people on the smartphones on social media apps.

Social media templates you can use to promote your ministry and special events on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Perfect for your digital evangelism or those looking for Facebook backgrounds and images.

Many of our social media templates for churches are available in English and Spanish.

Build Your Social Media Skills:

Use Instagram To Promote Your Christmas Eve Service

Effective Social Media Ideas For Churches

10 Instagram Post Ideas For Churches

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  • Line Gradient Background Social Media. Rows of lines against a gradient background of blues and greens.

    Line Gradient Background Social Media

  • Circular Line Background Social Media. Circular radio waves against a gradient background of orange and purple.

    Circular Line Background Social Media

  • Ascension Sunday Worship Social Media. Particles rising up - a symbol of ascension.

    Ascension Sunday Worship Social Media

  • Mother Daughter Social Media. Silhouettes of a mom and daughter enclosed within a heart.

    Mother Daughter Social Media

  • Lavender Social Media. Sprigs of lavender welcome everyone.

    Lavender Social Media

  • Mothers Day Celebration Social Media. A white heart surrounded by purple and pink flowers.

    Mothers Day Celebration Social Media

  • Pride Banner (LGBT) Social Media. A paper scroll in rainbow colors celebrates LGBT Pride.

    Pride Banner (LGBT) Social Media

  • Church Social Media Engagement Bundle. Social media templates prompt people to respond online.

    Church Social Media Engagement Bundle

  • Chicks Social Media. Two little chickens welcome everyone.

    Chicks Social Media

  • Blooming Flower Social Media. A beautiful purple flower blooms - a sign of welcome to all.

    Blooming Flower Social Media

  • Ascension Sunday Church Greeting Social Media. A tunnel with streams of light coming from the end.

    Ascension Sunday Church Greeting Social Media

  • Ascension Sunday Sermon Social Media. Streaks of color rise toward the sky.

    Ascension Sunday Sermon Social Media

  • Ascension Sunday Worship Social Media. The word "Ascension" in a dark cave-like environment with streams of sunlight from above.

    Ascension Sunday Worship Social Media

  • Abstract Orbs Social Media. Colorful orbs slowly rotate in this modern set of worship resources.

    Abstract Orbs Social Media

  • Easter Sunday 2023 Social Media. A cross draped in a white cloth for Easter.

    Easter Sunday 2023 Social Media

  • Palm Sunday 2023 Social Media. A green palm frond ready to celebrate the start of Easter Holy Week.

    Palm Sunday 2023 Social Media

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