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Image features a clock ticking time.

Many churches use countdown and timer videos, especially at the start of a worship service. They serve as a great visual cue that worship is about to start.

Progressive Church Media offers a grow library of video packages that include a countdown/timer video.


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  • White Cross Videos. A geometric cross reveals itself. Perfect for Easter.

    White Cross Videos

  • Cross Reveal Videos. A geometric cross reveals itself. Perfect for Lent.

    Cross Reveal Videos

  • Africa Silhouette Videos. The continent of Africa formed by blocks of reds, golds and greens.

    Africa Silhouette Videos

  • Purple Cloth Videos. Purple cloth flows in the wind.

    Purple Cloth Videos

  • Winter Nights Videos. The peace and calm of a winter night in a forest.

    Winter Nights Videos

  • Lent 2024 Videos. A golden cross, featuring both thorns and a palm frond, to mark the season of Lent.

    Lent 2024 Videos

  • New Year's Eve Countdown. Gilded, stylish countdown videos for New Year's Eve.

    New Years Eve Countdown

  • Snow Globe Videos.  A snow globe featuring a festive Christmas Tree to celebrate the season.

    Snow Globe Videos

  • Into The Woods Videos.  A snowy forest to celebrate winter.

    Into The Woods Videos

  • Nativity Videos. Stylized images of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the desert night sky.

    Nativity Videos

  • Autumn Leaf Reveal Videos. Colorful fall leaves are blown away by the wind.

    Autumn Leaf Reveal Videos

  • Swirling Leaves Videos. A cluster of swirling leaves celebrate Autumn.

    Swirling Leaves Videos

  • Spiral Videos. Swirls of light and color welcome everyone.

    Spiral Videos

  • Fluid Ring Videos. A circle of water splashes in every direction.

    Fluid Ring Videos

  • LGBT Pride Videos. Rainbow-colored liquid splashes - a festive way to show you are open and affirming.

    LGBT Pride Videos

  • Growth Videos. A tree grows in time-lapse.

    Growth Videos

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