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Image features a clock ticking time.

Many churches use countdown and timer videos, especially at the start of a worship service. They serve as a great visual cue that worship is about to start.

Progressive Church Media offers a grow library of video packages that include a countdown/timer video.


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  • Lush Green Garden Videos. Closeup view of a patch of green leaves from a garden of plants.

    Lush Green Garden Videos

  • Line Gradient Background Videos. Rows of lines against a gradient background of blues and greens.

    Line Gradient Background Videos

  • Circular Line Background Videos. Circular radio waves against a gradient background of orange and purple.

    Circular Line Background Videos

  • Pride Linear Background Videos. A dynamic rainbow wall of color welcomes everyone.

    Pride Linear Background Videos

  • Juneteenth Celebration Videos. The word "Juneteenth" in a gradient of red, yellow and green against a dark background.

    Juneteenth Celebration Videos

  • Glowing Circles Videos. Colorful glowing circles in a rainbow of colors.

    Glowing Circles Videos

  • Weather Vane Videos. Copper rooster weather vane against a colorful geometric background.

    Weather Vane Videos

  • Colorful Splat Videos. Delightful splats of color to celebrate LGBT Pride.

    Colorful Splat Videos

  • Flower Power Videos. A burst of colorful flowers to celebrate LGBT Pride.

    Flower Power Videos

  • Ordinary Videos. Abstract waves of pink and green welcome everyone.

    Ordinary Videos

  • Rainbow Countdown Videos. Colorful countdown video loops from 10 to 1.

    Rainbow Countdown Videos

  • Fathers Day Necktie Videos. Fun worship resources that celebrate dads of all kinds with a blue necktie.

    Fathers Day Necktie Videos

  • Fathers Day Fist Bump Videos. Fun worship resources that celebrate dads with a fist bump between father and child.

    Fathers Day Fist Bump Videos

  • Spirit of Pentecost Videos. Stylized flames to celebrate Pentecost Sunday.

    Spirit of Pentecost Videos

  • Pentecost Sunday Video. Silhouette of a dove formed by flames.

    Pentecost Sunday Videos

  • Day Of Pentecost Video. Drops of ink in fiery colors for Pentecost.

    Day Of Pentecost Video

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