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Image features reels of movie film.

Worship media video loops that you can use for worship, on social media, on your website. Many of our worship videos are available in both English and Spanish. We hope our worship video clips will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

Build Your Video Skills:

Create A Podcast From Sermon Video

Mute Audio in Video Loops

Christmas Copyright Myths Churches Need To Know


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  • Nativity Videos. Stylized images of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the desert night sky.

    Nativity Videos

  • Autumn Leaf Reveal Videos. Colorful fall leaves are blown away by the wind.

    Autumn Leaf Reveal Videos

  • Welcome To Worship Videos. Messages of welcome against a colorful geometric background.

    Welcome To Worship Videos

  • Swirling Leaves Videos. A cluster of swirling leaves celebrate Autumn.

    Swirling Leaves Videos

  • Mesh Welcome Videos. A modern set of resources featuring an organic 3D mesh.

    Mesh Welcome Videos

  • Labor Day Celebration Videos. The hand of a worker holds a wrench - a celebration of labor and workers.

    Labor Day Celebration Videos

  • Chalkboard Videos. Chalkboard features a welcome message.

    Chalkboard Videos

  • Summer Sunglasses Videos. Fun resources featuring bright blue sunglasses ready for summer fun.

    Summer Sunglasses Videos

  • Spiral Videos. Swirls of light and color welcome everyone.

    Spiral Videos

  • Fluid Ring Videos. A circle of water splashes in every direction.

    Fluid Ring Videos

  • Blocks Videos. Blue and green blocks of varied sizes.

    Blocks Videos

  • LGBT Pride Videos. Rainbow-colored liquid splashes - a festive way to show you are open and affirming.

    LGBT Pride Videos

  • Growth Videos. A tree grows in time-lapse.

    Growth Videos

  • Curling Branches Videos. A close-up view of the leaves of a young plant growing.

    Curling Branches Videos

  • Lush Green Garden Videos. Closeup view of a patch of green leaves from a garden of plants.

    Lush Green Garden Videos

  • Line Gradient Background Videos. Rows of lines against a gradient background of blues and greens.

    Line Gradient Background Videos

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