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Image features reels of movie film.

Worship media video loops that you can use for worship, on social media, on your website. Many of our worship videos are available in both English and Spanish. We hope our worship video clips will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

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Mute Audio in Video Loops

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  • Circular Line Background Videos. Circular radio waves against a gradient background of orange and purple.

    Circular Line Background Videos

  • Ascension Sunday Worship Videos. Particles rising up - a symbol of ascension.

    Ascension Sunday Worship Videos

  • Mother Daughter Videos. Silhouettes of a mom and daughter enclosed within a heart.

    Mother Daughter Videos

  • Lavender Videos. Sprigs of lavender welcome everyone.

    Lavender Videos

  • Mothers Day Celebration Videos. A white heart surrounded by purple and pink flowers.

    Mothers Day Celebration Videos

  • Chicks Videos. Two little chickens welcome everyone.

    Chicks Videos

  • Blooming Flower Videos. A beautiful purple flower blooms - a sign of welcome to all.

    Blooming Flower Videos

  • Abstract Orbs Videos. Colorful orbs slowly rotate in this modern set of worship resources.

    Abstract Orbs Videos

  • Easter Sunday 2023 Videos. A cross draped in a white cloth for Easter.

    Easter Sunday 2023 Videos

  • Palm Sunday 2023 Videos. A green palm frond ready to celebrate the start of Easter Holy Week.

    Palm Sunday 2023 Videos

  • Good Friday 2023 Videos. A crown of thorns casts a long shadow. Resource for Good Friday.

    Good Friday 2023 Videos

  • Lent 2023 Videos. The number 30 set in a sandy, barren landscape. Mark the journey of Lent.

    Lent 2023 Videos

  • Ash Wednesday 2023 Videos. Features a cross made of ashes.

    Ash Wednesday 2023 Videos

  • Winter Wonderland Videos. A frosty scene in deep blues and purples to celebrate winter.

    Winter Wonderland Videos

  • Advent Purple Videos. Featuring purple candles, plus a pink Gaudete Sunday candle.

    Advent Purple Videos

  • Advent Red Videos. Featuring red candles, plus a white Christ candle.

    Advent Red Videos

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