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Image features reels of movie film.

Worship media video loops that you can use for worship, on social media, on your website. Many of our worship videos are available in both English and Spanish. We hope our worship video clips will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

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Mute Audio in Video Loops

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  • Beatitudes of Broadway Video. Words "Beatitudes of Broadway" with stage lights.

    Beatitudes of Broadway Video

  • Breathe Video - the simple word "Breathe" against a dark background

    Breathe Videos

  • Birthday Confetti Video - the word "Birthday" in bubble letters with lots of confetti

    Birthday Confetti Video

  • Birth Mother Videos. Image features the Earth in the womb of a pregnant woman.

    Birth Mother Videos

  • Birds Of A Feather Video - four colorful feathers with the words "Birds of a feather"

    Birds Of A Feather Video

  • Awaken The Seed Videos. Image features an acorn, waiting to become a tree.

    Awaken The Seed Videos

  • Baptism Immersion Video

  • There’s Something In The Water Video

  • Baptism Bubbles Video

  • Apple Videos. Low-poly apple against a red background.

    Apple Videos

  • Ancient Words, Ever New Videos. Person holding a tablet, reading the Bible.

    Ancient Words, Ever New Videos

  • Welcome Flock Videos. Image shows a huge flock of sheep in a valley meadow.

    Welcome Flock Videos

  • 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Video - black male athlete running against a sunset sky

    1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Video

  • Windy Church Welcome Videos. Wispy clouds swirl across the screen.

    Windy Church Welcome Video

  • Spring Sparkle Video - sparkling lights form a colorful flower

    Spring Sparkle Video

  • Spring Church Greeting Video - a bowl of colorful Easter Eggs with the words "Welcome to Spring"

    Spring Church Greeting Video

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