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Image features brushes and colored pencils.

Worship backgrounds that you can use for printed bulletins, in e-mails, on your website, or any other creative use you can think of. Many of our worship graphics are available in English and Spanish. We hope our church clip art and worship backgrounds will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

Build Your Graphics Skills:

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Using PowerPoint As A Tool To Create Graphics

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  • Juneteenth Celebration Graphics. The word "Juneteenth" in a gradient of red, yellow and green against a dark background.

    Juneteenth Celebration Graphics

  • Stained Glass Graphics. A stained glass portrayal of Christ on the cross forms from individual pieces.

    Stained Glass Graphics

  • Pentecost Blast Graphics. A burst of energy against a glittering red background will ignite your celebration of Pentecost.

    Pentecost Blast Graphics

  • Calvary Graphics. Resources feature a trio of crosses against a colorful sky.

    Calvary Graphics

  • Easter Crosses Graphics. A trio of colorful crosses.

    Easter Crosses Graphics

  • Ash Wednesday Service Graphics. Particles of dust float slowly upward against a dark background.

    Ash Wednesday Service Graphics

  • Beyond Black History Month Graphics. Geometric design inspired by African art in red, gold and green.

    Beyond Black History Month Graphics

  • More Than A Month: Black History Month Graphics. The continent of Africa, filled with colorful splatters of yellow, red, and green.

    More Than A Month: Black History Month Graphics

  • Bogolan Fabric Graphics

  • MLK Day On Graphics. Silhouette of Dr. King is formed from a collage of images of him.

    MLK Day On Graphics

  • MLK Day Graphics. Images of Dr. King set against a vibrant blue background.

    MLK Day Graphics

  • Christmas Cheer Graphics. Christmas tree gives everyone Christmas cheer.

    Christmas Cheer Graphics

  • Candy Canes Graphics. Candy canes form a circle to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

    Candy Canes Graphics

  • Canticle Graphics. Image of a stylized Earth in space. The world is about to turn.

    Canticle Graphics

  • Christmas Greeting Graphics. Christmas greeting with a vintage feel and falling snow.

    Christmas Greeting Graphics

  • Christmas Wreath Blue Graphics. Christmas wreath features shiny, blue metallic balls of different sizes.

    Christmas Wreath Blue Graphics

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