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Image features brushes and colored pencils.

Worship backgrounds that you can use for printed bulletins, in e-mails, on your website, or any other creative use you can think of. Many of our worship graphics are available in English and Spanish. We hope our church clip art and worship backgrounds will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

Build Your Graphics Skills:

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Using PowerPoint As A Tool To Create Graphics

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  • Independence Day Graphics. Stars and stripes to celebrate July 4 in style.

    Independence Day Graphics

  • Colorful Splat Graphics. Delightful splats of color to celebrate LGBT Pride.

    Colorful Splat Graphics

  • Rediscover Church Graphics. Image of a cross bursting with particles. A sign of renewal.

    Rediscover Church Graphics

  • Flower Power Graphics. A burst of colorful flowers to celebrate LGBT Pride.

    Flower Power Graphics

  • Pride Welcome To Church Graphics. Waves of rainbow colors welcome everyone.

    Pride Welcome To Church Graphics

  • Affirming Church Graphics. A spiral of circles in rainbow colors.

    Affirming Church Graphics

  • Graduation Caps Graphics. Graduation caps fly into the air in celebration.

    Graduation Caps Graphics

  • Scribble Welcome Graphics. Scribbled lines become a rainbow-colored welcome.

    Scribble Welcome Graphics

  • Memorial Day Heroes Graphics. Tombstones of fallen soldiers against a dark background.

    Memorial Day Heroes Graphics

  • Water Spin Graphics. Swirls of water. Perfect for baptisms and more.

    Water Spin Graphics

  • Gradient Curve Welcome Graphics. Colorful swirl of colors welcomes everyone.

    Gradient Curve Welcome Graphics

  • Colorful Gradient Welcome Graphics. Fun, colorful gradients. Resources to welcome everyone.

    Colorful Gradient Welcome Graphics

  • Modern Good Friday Graphics. Image features large block letters filled in by a crown of thorns.

    Modern Good Friday Graphics

  • Modern Easter Sunday Graphics. Image features large block letters filled in by a cross at sunrise.

    Modern Easter Sunday Graphics

  • Modern Palm Sunday Graphics. Image features large block letters filled in my lush green palm branches.

    Modern Palm Sunday Graphics

  • Bright Gradient Welcome Graphics. Cheerful, colorful circles to welcome all to worship.

    Bright Gradient Welcome Graphics

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