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Hand pointing at a bright star in the night sky

Progressive Church Media provides awesome worship media products for Epiphany so you can provide awesome worship experiences.

Wise ones still seek, and follow the yonder star.

Enhance Your Ministry:

What is Epiphany?


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  • Epifania Graphics. A starburst against a starry background.

    Epifania Graphics

  • Epifania PowerPoint

  • Epifania Videos. A stylized starburst to celebrate Epiphany.

    Epifania Videos

  • Wandering Star Social Media. Colorful star background formatted for social media.

    Wandering Star Social Media

  • Wandering Star Flyer. Poster template features colorful star background.

    Wandering Star Flyer

  • Wandering Star Graphics. Image features a colorful star background.

    Wandering Star Graphics

  • Wandering Star PowerPoint. Slide features colorful star background.

    Wandering Star PowerPoint

  • Wandering Star Video. Colorful star background welcomes everyone.

    Wandering Star Videos

  • Starry Welcome (Stars) Newsletter - newsletter template with placeholders for text and images

    Starry Welcome Newsletter

  • Starry Nights (Stars) Flyer - poster template with a stylized purple sky background

    Starry Welcome Flyer

  • Starry Welcome (Stars) Graphics - stylized purple sky with stars

    Starry Welcome Graphics

  • Starry Welcome (Stars) PowerPoint - slide template featuring a stylized purple sky with stars

    Starry Welcome PowerPoint

  • Starry Welcome (Stars) Video - the word "Welcome" set against a stylized purple sky of stars

    Starry Welcome Videos

  • Star of Bethlehem Video - the word "Welcome" with a stylized star

    Star of Bethlehem Video

  • Star of Bethlehem Newsletter - newsletter template with text and image placeholders

    Star of Bethlehem Newsletter

  • Star of Bethlehem Graphics - a bright star soaring across the sky

    Star of Bethlehem Graphics

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