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Image features a Christian cross with computer circuits.

Progressive Church Media provides tutorials and products to help your church produce the best streaming worship experience possible.

Lower thirds and more for your steaming worship services.

Free Worship Streaming Tutorials

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  • Weather Vane Worship Streaming. Copper rooster weather vane against a colorful geometric background.

    Weather Vane Worship Streaming

  • Pride Welcome To Church Worship Streaming. Lower third in rainbow colors for LGBT Pride.

    Pride Welcome To Church Worship Streaming

  • Water Spin Worship Streaming. Swirls of water. Perfect for baptisms and more.

    Water Spin Worship Streaming

  • Gradient Curve Welcome Worship Streaming. Colorful swirl of colors welcomes everyone.

    Gradient Curve Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Colorful Gradient Welcome Worship Streaming. Fun, colorful gradients. Resources to welcome everyone.

    Colorful Gradient Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Theology of Ecology Worship Streaming. Lower third features an earth created for leaves sitting on a tree trunk.

    Theology of Ecology Worship Streaming

  • Bright Gradient Welcome Worship Streaming. Cheerful, colorful circles to welcome all to worship.

    Bright Gradient Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Easter Sunday Welcome Worship Streaming. A white cloth draped over the cross set against a majestic purple sky.

    Easter Sunday Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Easter Cross Worship Streaming. Celebrate Easter Sunday with these worship resources featuring a white cloth draped over the cross set against a majestic sky.

    Easter Cross Worship Streaming

  • Good Friday Worship Streaming. A dark and serious set of Good Friday worship resources.

    Good Friday Worship Streaming

  • Palm Sunday Welcome Worship Streaming. Modern worship resources for Palm Sunday featuring monochromatic palm fronds.

    Palm Sunday Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Easter Sunrise Service Worship Streaming. The rising morning sun lights a trio of crosses - one draped in the white cloth of Easter.

    Easter Sunrise Service Worship Streaming

  • Good Friday 1 Worship Streaming. Serious, somber lower third depicting Christ’s last moments on the cross.

    Good Friday 1 Worship Streaming

  • Palm Sunday 3 Worship Streaming. Palm fronds wave across the screen outside the city of Jerusalem.

    Palm Sunday 3 Worship Streaming

  • Palm Sunday Worship Streaming. A single palm frond in many shades of green to celebrate Palm Sunday.

    Palm Sunday Worship Streaming

  • Palm Sunday Church Greeting Worship Streaming. Lush green palm fronds to celebrate Palm Sunday.

    Palm Sunday Church Greeting Worship Streaming

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