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Image features a Christian cross with computer circuits.

Progressive Church Media provides tutorials and products to help your church produce the best streaming worship experience possible.

Lower thirds and more for your steaming worship services.

Free Worship Streaming Tutorials

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  • Fall Maple Leaf Worship Streaming. Lower third features several maple leaves changing to fall colors.

    Fall Maple Leaf Worship Streaming

  • Fall Circles Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Connections Worship Streaming. Image features a futuristic grid of connections.

    Connections Worship Streaming

  • Ordinary Triangles Worship Streaming. Triangles of many shades of green and different colors form an interesting geometric pattern.

    Ordinary Triangles Worship Streaming

  • Extraordinary Worship Streaming. Geometric shapes in shades of green and blue welcome everyone.

    Extraordinary Worship Streaming

  • Ordinary Worship Streaming. Abstract waves of pink and green welcome everyone.

    Ordinary Worship Streaming

  • Windy Church Welcome Worship Streaming. Wispy clouds swirl across the screen.

    Windy Church Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Hummingbirds Worship Streaming. A pair of hummingbirds welcome everyone to worship

    Hummingbirds Worship Streaming

  • Sunshine Worship Greeting Worship Streaming. Welcome everyone to worship with this set of resources full of blue skies and sunshine.

    Sunshine Worship Greeting Worship Streaming

  • Starry Welcome Worship Streaming. Template features blinking stars against a purple background.

    Starry Welcome Worship Streaming

  • Ladybug Worship Streaming. Lower third features a friendly ladybug crawling across green leaves.

    Ladybug Worship Streaming

  • Summer Flowers Worship Streaming. Transparent PNG sequence features flowers blooming across the screen.

    Summer Flowers Worship Streaming

  • Woman At The Well Worship Streaming. Image features the text "The Woman at the Well" with the O being made from a water well.

    Woman At The Well Worship Streaming

  • Humanity Worship Streaming. Silhouettes in various hues of humanity welcome all.

    Humanity Worship Streaming

  • Juneteenth Freedom Worship Streaming. Image features metal chains that shatter to celebrate freedom from slavery.

    Juneteenth Freedom Worship Streaming

  • Pride Wave Worship Streaming. Waves of rainbows welcome everyone.

    Pride Wave Worship Streaming

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