Use Pokémon Go To Promote Your Ministry

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have probably heard about the Pokémon Go craze.

In this tutorial, Progressive Church Media’s Mike Mitchell shows you how churches can leverage this popular game to promote your ministry. Don’t worry if you don’t actually play the game yourself. Someone in your church family likely does.

In the tutorial, Mike mentions that you can request your church be added as a PokeStop within the game. Click here to make that request.

How To Use Social Media

In this tutorial, Progressive Church Media’s Mike Mitchell shares a technique his own church (Virginia-Highland Church in Atlanta, GA) uses to help everyone be a “digital evangelist.”

Most people have at least one social media account, but they might need some coaching on how they can use social media to promote the ministry and events of your church. Mike walks you through how to create a PowerPoint slide with some basic animation that gives everyone a “script” they can use to post on social media. You can download the ZIP file and have access to the sample Mike uses in this tutorial.

Plus, you get to hear Mike make various “swoosh” sounds as he animates, which is always a bonus.

Download files here: de_socialmedia_files

Adobe Post: An Introduction

In this tutorial, Progressive Church Media’s Mike Mitchell shares his newest obsession, a free app called Adobe Post.

Adobe Post is a delightful, easy-to-use app that makes good design within everyone’s reach. It’s the perfect way for churches to enhance your ministry outreach. Mike walks you through how to use this new app, and also shows how you can easily use it with graphics resources you find here at Progressive Church Media.

We encourage you to download this app and explore how you can use it to spread the word about all the great things your own community of faith is doing.