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Worship Themes For Lent

40-Day Journey

Many churches use Lent, the 40-day journey toward Easter, as a time to conduct a sermon series. We have compiled a short list of worship themes for Lent to inspire your own creativity.

If you use any of these worship themes for Lent, tell us about it. And, if you have your own really cool worship themes for Lent, we would love to hear those, as well. 

Lent In An Era Of Resistance

This set of ideas earn bonus points in our book because they artfully connect Star Wars and Lent. Well-played, pastor, well-played. The ideas build around the themes of revolution, revelation and resurrection.


Lent And The Color Purple

There’s a lot more to connect Lent with this famous book/play/movie. With an appropriate nod to Jimmy Hendrix, you can help your community step out of a “purple haze” and see Lent from an entirely new perspective.

For Lent, Go Green

Since we are on the color purple, which is the liturgical color associated with Lent, let us consider being subversive and flipping that on its head. For Lent, maybe you should consider green. Sermons could connect the traditional themes of Lent with modern concerns for climate change and environmental racism.

Our own Green Calvary worship media touches on exactly this idea. You will find some ideas at this site. You will find ideas for a Lenten Carbon Fast here.

Don't Forget Your Sanctuary

This idea is simple, but has the potential to be the most powerful. Use your sanctuary to better effect for Lent.

At Advent/Christmas, churches often make a big production out of preparing the sanctuary for the season. Armies of volunteers are mobilized to hang greenery, unfurl new banners, and decorate wreaths and Christmas trees.

And then Lent arrives with much less fanfare. The simple act of making a bigger production out of Lent, again in a very simple way, could teach a powerful spiritual lesson. Click the button for ideas.

Wear Your Lenten Journey

You might also want to sport this T-shirt as you embark on your own Lenten journey. Click here for colors and sizes.

Lent For Families

Sometimes churches struggle with how to teach children about Lent. This is understandable since Lent deals with topics and themes that are nuanced in nature.

This site lists some wonderful ideas about how to create a nature table focused on Lent. This is a great way to make the spiritual concepts of Lent very tangible for children.

You can find another great list of ideas here. The author of this post works hard to keep the list refreshed with new ideas. The same author also maintains a companion board on Pinterest.

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