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Image features reels of movie film.

Worship media video loops that you can use for worship, on social media, on your website. Many of our worship videos are available in both English and Spanish. We hope our worship video clips will spark creative ideas, and provide sermon inspiration.

Build Your Video Skills:

Create A Podcast From Sermon Video

Mute Audio in Video Loops

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  • Spring Flowers Welcome Video - colorful flowers blossom with the word "Welcome" in the background

    Spring Flowers Welcome Video 1

  • Spring Daisy Videos. Spring colors with a spinning white daisy.

    Spring Daisy Videos

  • Sprig (Hope) Video - a white dove bringing a single sprig back to the Arc

    Sprig (Hope) Video

  • Psalm 96:12 Video - a sunny field of flowers with the text from Psalm 96:12

    Psalm 96:12 Video

  • Psalm 104:24 - a summer field full of plants and butterflies

    Psalm 104:24 Video

  • Electric Welcome Videos. Welcome messages against a green leaf background.

    Electric Welcome Videos

  • Personal Resurrection Videos. A meadow blooms to life at the start of spring.

    Personal Resurrection Videos

  • Wedding Cake Equality Video - rows of wedding cakes featuring couples of different genders and races

    Wedding Cake Equality Video

  • Tulips Videos. A verdant field of tulips – a perfect way to welcome your worshipers.

    Tulips Videos

  • Peace Symbol: Progress 2 Video

  • Rise Up: Progress 1 Video

  • Affirming Church Welcome Videos. Streaks of light in a rainbow of colors against a dark background.

    Affirming Church Welcome Videos

  • Palm Sunday Video - the word "Hosanna" textured with palm fronds and set against a green background

    Palm Sunday 7 Video

  • Palm Sunday Worship Videos. A single palm frond in many shades of green to celebrate Palm Sunday.

    Palm Sunday Worship Videos

  • Palm Sunday -the words "Palm Sunday" in 3D letters textured by a green palm frond

    Palm Sunday 5 Video

  • Palm Sunday Worship Media Video - the words "Palm Sunday" textured with green palm fronds

    Palm Sunday Worship Media Video

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