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Image features a row of people on the smartphones on social media apps.

Social media templates you can use to promote your ministry and special events on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Perfect for your digital evangelism or those looking for Facebook backgrounds and images.

Many of our social media templates for churches are available in English and Spanish.

Build Your Social Media Skills:

Use Instagram To Promote Your Christmas Eve Service

Effective Social Media Ideas For Churches

10 Instagram Post Ideas For Churches

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  • Musical Notes Social Media. Musical notes float against a colorful background.

    Musical Notes Social Media

  • Artificial Intelligence and Faith Social Media. An image of a brain with an AI computer chip on a golden Christian cross.

    Artificial Intelligence and Faith Social Media

  • Easter Resurrection Social Media. Three crosses in the desert sunrise.

    Easter Resurrection Social Media

  • Personal Resurrection Social Media. A meadow blooms to life at the start of spring.

    Personal Resurrection Social Media

  • Ash Wednesday Valentines Day Social Media. A heart - half red, and half of ashes.

    Ash Wednesday Valentines Day Social Media

  • White Cross Social Media. A geometric cross reveals itself. Perfect for Easter.

    White Cross Social Media

  • Cross Reveal Social Media. A geometric cross reveals itself. Perfect for Lent.

    Cross Reveal Social Media

  • Africa Silhouette Social Media. The continent of Africa formed by blocks of reds, golds and greens.

    Africa Silhouette Social Media

  • Purple Cloth Social Media. Purple cloth flows in the wind.

    Purple Cloth Social Media

  • Winter Nights Social Media. The peace and calm of a winter night in a forest.

    Winter Nights Social Media

  • Christmas Tree Baubles. Dozens of Christmas baubles form a Christmas Tree.

    Christmas Tree Baubles

  • Lent 2024 Social Media. A golden cross, featuring both thorns and a palm frond, to mark the season of Lent.

    Lent 2024 Social Media

  • New Year's Eve Countdown. Gilded, stylish countdown videos for New Year's Eve.

    New Years Eve Countdown

  • Snow Globe Social Media.  A snow globe featuring a festive Christmas Tree to celebrate the season.

    Snow Globe Social Media

  • Colorful Splines Social Media. Abstract motion graphic against a purple gradient background.

    Colorful Splines Social Media

  • Peach Fuzz Social Media. Swirls of peach using Pantone's Color of the Year 2024.

    Peach Fuzz Social Media

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