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Image features a row of people on the smartphones on social media apps.

Social media templates you can use to promote your ministry and special events on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Perfect for your digital evangelism or those looking for Facebook backgrounds and images.

Many of our social media templates for churches are available in English and Spanish.

Build Your Social Media Skills:

Use Instagram To Promote Your Christmas Eve Service

Effective Social Media Ideas For Churches

10 Instagram Post Ideas For Churches

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  • Falling Snowflakes Social Media. Snowflakes gently fall in a gentle celebration of winter.

    Falling Snowflakes Social Media

  • Modern Christmas Social Media. Wish everyone "Merry Christmas!" with these cheerful resources.

    Modern Christmas Social Media

  • Christmas Gifts Social Media. Newly wrapped Christmas presents and festive ornaments help you celebrate the holiday.

    Christmas Gifts Social Media

  • Nativity Social Media. Stylized images of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the desert night sky.

    Nativity Social Media

  • Autumn Leaf Reveal Social Media. Colorful fall leaves are blown away by the wind.

    Autumn Leaf Reveal Social Media

  • Welcome To Worship Social Media. Messages of welcome against a colorful geometric background.

    Welcome To Worship Social Media

  • Swirling Leaves Social Media. A cluster of swirling leaves celebrate Autumn.

    Swirling Leaves Social Media

  • Mesh Welcome Social Media. A modern set of resources featuring an organic 3D mesh.

    Mesh Welcome Social Media

  • Labor Day Celebration Social Media. The hand of a worker holds a wrench - a celebration of labor and workers.

    Labor Day Celebration Social Media

  • Chalkboard Social Media. Chalkboard features a welcome message.

    Chalkboard Social Media

  • Summer Sunglasses Social Media. Fun resources featuring bright blue sunglasses ready for summer fun.

    Summer Sunglasses Social Media

  • God Is Still Speaking Social Media. A red comma symbolizes that God is still speaking to us.

    God Is Still Speaking Social Media

  • Viral Faith Social Media. A viral cluster forms against a dark green background.

    Viral Faith Social Media

  • Awaken The Seed Social Media. Image features an acorn, waiting to become a tree.

    Awaken The Seed Social Media

  • Ephesians 4:1 Social Media. Traffic sign shows the "walk" signal.

    Ephesians 4:1 Social Media

  • Digital Evangelism Social Media. Icons of popular social media platforms fill the screen.

    Digital Evangelism Social Media

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